My 4 year old curriculum is based on Kindergarten readiness.  We review colors, counting, and the basics.  We focus more on letter sounds and writing, simple math, and beginning reading.  We also work on skills such as handwriting, counting, rhyming, gluing, cutting, writing and recognizing our names, learning our addresses, and a lot more.  We do a lot of crafts and games, because I feel it is the best way for them to learn and let's face it, that is why they love to keep coming to preschool!!  There is a lot of encouragement over ANY accomplishment, because all kids develop and learn at their own pace.  We have fun activities, such as a show and tell rotation that allows them to become comfortable getting up in front of other children and also practicing courtesy to those who are taking their turn up front.

My 3 year old curriculum is more simplified than my 4 year old one, as we are focusing more on the basics.  Our colors, counting, some letter and number recognition, lots of gluing and cutting, and 3 year olds love to paint and dress up.  We have letter, color and shape of the day and we try to do activities which focus on these things all during class.  They learn very fast what they see.  We play games every day, as I feel this is a great way for 3 year olds to learn and also to begin social skills with the other kids.  We read a lot of nursery rhymes to start getting familiar with the sound of rhyming and we sing and read quite a bit.  They are very busy at this age and very fun to teach through busy activities.

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